Global Security Solutions, Incorporated

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About GSSI

Global Security Solutions, Incorporated (GSSI) is a company registered with the
Securities and Exchange Commission (Company Registration Number (CS 201001683) on February 8, 2010. GSSI is a registered Private Security Agency with Regular License to Operate (LTO) No. PSA-R-160012-2016 and holds a Certificate of License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) granted by the Philippine National Police pursuant to RA 5487.


Global Security Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing security solutions that are efficient, creative and cost-effective.


 To be the leading provider of globally competitive security solutions.

Products & Services:

  • Static guarding
  • Industrial plant protection
  • Mobile security patrol
  • Transport security escorting
  • 24-hour site supervision
  • Responsive and proactive liaison management
  • Other services:
    • Background Investigation
    • Security Survey and Inspection
    • Surveillance Operations
    • Risk Analysis/Assessment
    • E-Guarding

Core Business Priorities & Practices:

Guards Salary and Benefits

GSSI adheres strictly to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and PADPAO mandated rates. The full benefits are certainly given to security guards while good and exemplary performance is similarly acknowledged and rewarded.

Government Remittances

GSSI is fully compliant to all government mandated remittances and regulations.

Policies and Insurance

GSSI Policies

The GSSI operates under a set of standard policies which are strictly compliant with government labor standards that apply to all personnel within the company.

Insurance Policies

Evidence of Insurance coverage is available upon request and can be produced on the award of the contract

Selection of Personnel:

The staff selection process employed by GSSI involves stringent background checks.  lt is GSSl’s policy to give priority to the recruitment of ex-military and police personnel, thus, utilizing their inherent skills, as well as recruitment of experienced commercial security personnel. All GSSl’s guarding personnel are required to complete an extensive   internal   training   program prior to their initial deployment. All staff are vetted to ensure that they have the genuine and updated licenses and are qualified for the tasks including all relevant clearances dictated by law.

Beyond the normal industry standards, GSSI has expanded its requirements for its personnel with security-related competencies, as well as, other areas of competencies such as public safety and customer relations. Congruent to its selection of personnel is GSSl’s performance management system to ensure that standards in the provision of security services to its clients are maintained.

In order to maintain the best possible standard in its services, GSSI has developed close working relationships with the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other law enforcement agencies to enable GSSI to provide a coordinated program of assistance in cases of emergencies.

GSSI assures responsibility for 24-hour supervision for all its guarding personnel. As security professionals who work in partnership to keep business safe, our aim is to become the preferred brand of security provider to the local security market.

Uniform, Equipment and Firearms:

All Staff are deployed in the company’s distinctive and smart uniform bearing the company’s name, GSSI. Each officer has his or her own nameplate for easy identification. Each staff, unless otherwise specified, is armed with 9mm pistol or 12 gauge shotgun with sufficient ammunition and a baton.     Other routine equipment includes personal security notebooks, whistle, timepiece, writing pen, flashlight and first aid kit.

Areas of Expertise:

GSSI has the capability of designing a customized security system according to the needs of the clients.        The use of information technology in designing and implementing security solutions (geographic information system, GPS tracking system among others) is part of GSSl’s strategic approach in the provision of security solutions.