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Col. Hernando “Boy” M. Caraig Jr. (Ret)
General Manager

Col. Hernando “Boy” Caraig Jr. (Ret) served with the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a distinguished Army officer for twenty-seven years (1980-2007). He held various positions such as Battalion Commander; Deputy Group Commander of the Defense Intelligence and Security Group – Department of National Defense, Military Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Personnel and Military Assistant to the Chief, Office of Legislative Affairs.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Philippine Military Academy (1984) and a Masters Degree in Management Studies (Project Management) from the University of New South Wales, Australian Defense Force Academy (2003). As an officer, he took the Intelligence Officers Basic Course at SITS (2001); UN Staff Officers Course in SWEDINT, Sweden (2002); Australia Military Familiarization Training at the Defence International Training Centre in Melbourne, Australia (2003); and, the Command and General Staff Course at the AFP Command and General Staff College in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City (2004).

In 2007, he opted for early retirement from the military service and in 2009 he was eventually designated as General Manager of Global Security Solutions Incorporated.