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Career Opportunities

Selection of Personnel

The company recruits and selects suitable candidates for the task. The company’s primary source of staff is ex-military/discipline service personnel with a background known to the company. (Candidates with extensive commercial security experience are also considered). All staff is vetted to ensure that they have the correct licenses and are qualified for the task including the relevant clearances dictated in law. The company’s extensive contacts with both the military and the police ensure thoroughness.

Standard Process to Recruit, Select and Hire New Personnel

GSSI has developed a comprehensive process for recruiting and hiring new employees, which are carried out by GSSI’s Human Resources Manager. The process is thorough and systematic:

A. Recruitment Process

GSSI recruits employees using the following labor pool sources:

  • References from other employees.
  • References from management staff.
  • References from local Law Enforcement.
  • Responses to Classified ads

B. Selection Process

Once the candidates have been identified, the selection process proceeds along the following steps:

  1. Review of the candidate’s original documentation (résumé, cover letter, application form, official identification, recommendation letters, certificate of previous employment, educational certificates, etc.), and pre-employment testing which are the prerequisites for employment.
  2. The candidate then goes through a two-step interview process.
  3. Upon selection, the candidate goes to pre-employment medical and physical evaluations.
  4. A background investigation is then conducted. Any Military or Police Service Certificates presented must be original.
  5. GSSI General Manager approves individual candidates for employment.
  6. Candidates begin Basic Training Program in GSSI’s facility.
  7. Successful Candidates receive uniforms and individual equipment.
  8. Personnel Data Information is maintained for payroll processing and records files.

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